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CaptainViral is a Social Media Marketing company based in Houston, TX. Let our skilled marketers boost your accounts Today! Boost your accounts with High Quality and Active engagement!

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Instagram Followers

Why would I Buy YouTube Subscribers, Likes, Views or other engagement?

Whether your a business trying to look good on YouTube, or an individual trying to look good. We've got you covered. Having more Followers and Likes is proven by analytics to help boost your Social Image. It's a fact, people would much rather be involved with a page that already has an active audience rather then being the few people engaging on the profile. Social Establishment not only boosts conversion rates on business pages, but it also increases your morale on personal pages. Many customers have multiple reason as to why they buy Instagram Followers or likes. Ours is simple, do you want to look good on Social Media? If so, CaptainViral is the site for you. We offer multiple services to help reach the position you want for your profile. Get started Today!

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Real people

No bots, no ghosts, no fake or inactive accounts. Likes, followers and comments we provided are from real accounts and active users generated from our networks.

Auto IG likes ( automatic detection )

They say time is precious, so don't waste it on buying likes manually with every upload. Our system automatically detects new uploads within few minutes and sends you the likes automatically. Save Time and think Smart.

Matching Views

You can benefit from this feature with every IG auto likes service you buy. We will send you an approximate number of views for free to the videos you post that will match the amount of likes ordered from us.

Delay your likes

If you would like for things to look more natural, you can choose the amount of likes you would want to receive each minute. This a unique feature by CaptainViral

Studied prices

CaptainViral offers you the highest quality possible, at the lowest cost, well, that's pretty interesting when comes to Social Media Marketing.

24/7 top-notch support

Our professionally trained support team is at your service anytime during the weekdays, weekends, and holidays, and ready to happily help you and answer all your concerns.

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With CaptainViral you can always have: Instant Delivery, Premium Quality & many more. Watch all the features bellow

Safety & Privacy

Your safety and privacy are very important to us, so we take every precaution possible to ensure that your information and activities are both completely secure with us. Any purchase is secure and private! 😎

24/7 Support Team

We understand that any downtime could have a negative impact on your business so it is only natural that you want everything to work as intended. Rest assured that we will be here for you if things are not working as well as you would hope, or if you have any concern, our support team will be available 24/7 at you service to help you with any thing you desire.

Experts in Social Marketing

We have been working in the social media industry for many years. During that time, we have been able to gain a lot of knowledge and experience about the industry. We can assist anyone with that knowledge and experience to gain the best out of social media.

Free Trial

Do you want to check the quality of our services before making a payment? Then you can check out the free trail offer. Just visit the link and we will deliver 10 subscribers to your YouTube profile within few seconds. If you are happy with our service, you can go ahead and make the payment for more.

Still not convinced? Check our services with a free trial!

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from our customers

If you don't find what you're looking for, please do contact us!

Our system monitors your account 24/7 and detects your latest posts within seconds. Likes start delivering to your posts immediately after it is detected.
Absolutely not. Your password is completely confidential. All we require is your username.
To prevent abuse of our system, automatic like delivery is limited to 150 posts per month. Don't worry, we have alternative options for those who post more often. Simply contact us for details so that we can create a costumed package for you.
Unlike most other services out there, we do not use illegitimate methods to deliver your likes. Whenever you share a new post, we show it to our in-network users in real time. If they've opted in to our Like Program, they'll give your post a like.
We are currently working on introducing automatic followers in the near future, stay tuned!
If you are not completely satisfied within the first 3 days of your new subscription, simply notify us and we will refund you.
We prefer no to adjust how fast or slow you can receive likes for reasons concerning the quality of the likes you will receive then. However, depending on your personal preference, you can delay the order start from almost instant to few hours ahead.
No, we cannot detect new posts on private accounts. Therefore, users must have their profiles set to public in order to receive automatic likes.
We do not automatically send likes to your older posts. However, you may manually place orders for those posts.
No, our system is 100% safe and will not get your account banned or disabled. Not one of our thousands of customers has ever been banned as a result of using our services.
You can drop us an e-mail or contact our support team and you will have your subscription canceled, however you will still benefit from it until your 30 days end.
You can change your username once every 48 hours. (Contact us to update [email protected])

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